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Running the River (remastered)

In 1990 the people of Kowanyama held a meeting led by Elders of three separate tribes. It had one purpose. 

A documentary was commisioned by the Kowanyama Aboriginal Council to cover this incredible moment. The result was an insight into the deep resolve to protect the land and water that connect us all. This new media remastered version of Running The River premiered at Ngethn o' festival in Kowanyama in July 2019. 


 A few moments can change the way you see things. Kowanyama 2019 – 

Changing Channels Revisited

It's been 30 years since Changing Channels was produced. This collaborative project from 1989 was revisited at the 2019 Ngethn o' culture and arts festival in Kowanyama. This local event with global reach, gathered together a community under the stars and by the fire, to watch this retrospective documentary.

FESTIVAL CONTENT updated 5th july - last day!


Videography Challenge Open to Kowanyama Community

Beautiful smartphone video has been reveived and logged. This fun challenge is open to anyone that can get their hands on a phone with a camera.  The newer smartphones have 4K resolution and while that is good it's not necessary for capturing footage that will find it's way into a video clip. The aim is to  enrich the story in Archie's recording of Many Waters Rise. This is a song about Kowanyama, it's people and their unique relationship with the surrounding waters - of which there are many! 

  1. go to Settings and change Camera record mode to Slo Mo 
  2. record videos in landscape mode (avoid holding the phone in vertical/portrait  mode)
  3. have fun - it's about showing this amazing lifestyle of fishing, camping, boating, swimming - daily life
  4. drop in to the Gallery to upload your footage - more upload options will be advised soon


Photography Challenge for Kowanyama State School Students

Submit entries here

contact to receive  access to Photography Challenge 



Traditional Bone, Stone and Shell Tools 

Experience  the art and science behind the manufacturing process

Share in the knowledge with craftsmen about traditional technology

Skill and use of shell and bone woodworking tools

A whole workshop dedicated to the creation stories of the stone axe and its use



Drawings , paintings, prints and traditional works from Kowanyama local arts and crafts community will be  on show and for sale during the festival
This contemporary arts exhibition project will provide training for local artists and project workers to develop their presentation, marketing and exhibition management skills
It will produce and contribute to high-quality arts and cultural activity with the local community in order to stimulate economic growth and innovation, increase workforce participation, conserve heritage and develop art networks and markets for individual artists
Sales of artworks will be available at the exhibition and online. We will feature the exhibited works in an online gallery shop with the information about the participating artists for the duration of the exhibition and beyond
Monies from the sale of works will go directly to the artist and the Kowanyama Project Campaign  Commission of 25% will be added to the artist’s asking price to support the work of the Culture and Research Centre



Cultural and Historical Exhibition

Kowanyama Collection Museum Tours 


NEWS UPDATE opening of recently repatriated object taken from a story place 

on the mouth of the South Mitchell in 1919 

Contemporary Arts Exhibition

Current and historical local works by Kowanyama artists 

Women's Weaving Project

Thawvl wedvln - A contemporary sculptural work to be developed by Kowanyama weavers 

and visiting artists that will be exhibited at Townsville's Strand Ephemera in late July 2019 

Wommera Repatriation Ceremony

The opening and formal meeting of the John Atherton Family Collection of Mitchell River Wommeras.

Film Nights

Outdoor screenings: under the stars and by an open fire 

A retrospective series of documentaries and media about Kowanyama 

Featuring found footage of elder Jerry Mission with stories in language now lost

Cultural Workshops

Traditional Bone, Stone and Shell Tool manufacture 

Monitoring cultural heritage


Photography Challenge

WOVEN Tracks is about to take on board new Content Creatives as students from Kowanyama State School Secondary campus embark on a challenge - TO GET PUBLISHED

Guided by Australian Curriculum Achievement Standards and fine-tuned by technical and creative achievements of their own, students are taking aim at their own remote community  The concept is to concentrate on texture and pattern Think outside the box

Learning in the Digital Technologies program at school will focus on ... well ... focus   Keeping it sharp Students will use an allocated tablet device if working on assignments from school   When working on the project off-campus and from home then smartphone devices will be employed   Both devices can be used to upload work for submission to WOVEN Tracks   Please refer to Entry Rules

In the meantime, students are encouraged to study up and research what it is that makes a photograph compelling   Hit the internet people - there are some amazing YouTube vloggers out there that love to show the world how to create   Maybe you'll be next!  Stay tuned there's more Photography Challenges on the way - next one is across Cape York to the eastern side   (Hint: OTK)


Cooking Our Way

Kub Murri traditional ground oven cooking 

Demonstrations of local traditional cooking techniques

Healthy foods and cooking from the Community Garden


 Healthy People, Food, Country and Culture stall

Honouring Our Elders Dinner

A thankful celebration of all that has been gained and given

Social Media Content Access

Community members young and old and everyone in between using new media to tell our stories

Collated in to one portal for the world to see - a local event with global reach

iT'S ON!

Cairns Post Coverage


We love gettin' in the paper! 

Proud to be Kokoberra


Vandy Beasley is at home on the sea.  

The Collection - a sneak peak


The goal: build a facility worthy of this significant collection 

Wisdom, Knowledge & Skill


Doreen, Cassie and Hazel in front of the recently built traditional shelter in Kowanyama .   Photo: Tom Hearn

Ready for Ngethn o'


Malcolm Possum is into maintenance - community & culture

You're Welcome


Our local event with global reach

Our Partners


Our Partners