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A community collaboration that started in Kowanyama at the Ngethn o' event

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This video essay is about the creative journey that stretches from Kowanyama to Townsville as the Thawvl Wedlvn project takes form. Ngethn o' Arts Co-ordinator, Bernadette Boscacci and Kowanyama weavers engage public response at Strand Ephemera 2019 in Townsville. The giant dilly bag  held  a position in the foyer at the entrance to Bernadette's exhibition Travelling By String.   16 Aug - 22 Sep 2019   at Umbrella Studio Contemporary Arts in Townsville .  The basket is now in Cairns looking for a place to be displayed before it travels back up north next year. 

Into the Night

  The final night at Ngethn o' was spent working on the Thawvl Wedlvn project. This preparation for it's temporary relocation to Townsville was so that it could be included in the Strand Ephemera 2019 arts festival. The weavers of this project are proud to have this contemporary installation as part of this major event. 

NEWS UPDATE: awarded commendation at SE19! Congratulations to all the weavers and arts project co-ordinator Bernadette Boscacci. Come back soon  for the final mini documentary  - Thawvl Wedlvn

strand ephemera 2019 . Townsville . featuring thawvl wedlvn

Bernadette Boscacci


Artist Statement:

A woman has gone down to the beach to fish, she’s left her string bag hanging on a branch near her campsite, out of reach from the children and animals.

Thawvl is a brightly-coloured, large-scale, Cape York style ‘string bag’ woven from durable, recycled materials using traditional processes. This bag will be hung over a suitable tree branch and will be accompanied intermittently with audio and traditional songs in the Yir Yoront language. It will be subtly lit at night.

This ‘string bag’ is representative of the groups of the lower Mitchell River and surrounds – the freshwater / saltwater people of Kowanyama, Western Cape York.

Ngethn o' thawvl wedlvn have worked together on traditional and contemporary arts /cultural projects for 20+ years, sharing their skills with each other and younger generations. 

FOR MORE INFORMATION PLEASE VISIT    Strand Ephemera    Umbrella Studios     Bernadette Boscacci  

 This project was made possible by the Australian Government’s Regional Arts Fund, provided through Regional Arts Australia, administered in Queensland by Flying Arts Alliance.